Marcus Smart Commits Bizarre Turnover, Leaves Kemba Walker Baffled

Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker
Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker /

The Boston Celtics played the New Orleans Pelicans in front of fans at TD Garden for the first time in over a year. The Pelicans led most of the night. Only the play of Jayson Tatum prevented New Orleans from running away with it in the first half.

The last five minutes of the third quarter brought one of the strangest turnovers I've ever seen from a professional basketball player. The Pelicans brought the ball up winning 80-76 but couldn't get anything going, and the referees ultimately called a jump ball between Brandon Ingram and Payton Pritchard with 0.3 seconds on the shot clock.

The jump ball took place at mid-court. New Orleans, recognizing they had no chance of getting a shot off, let the Celtics win the tip. Then Marcus Smart launched the ball down the court in an apparent attempt to beat the shot clock buzzer, forgetting who had possession in the first place.

Kemba Walker's reaction is the appropriate one. There have been worse turnovers at worse times in games, but it is perhaps the worst turnover of the year, even with all that considered. it's exceedingly rare to see a mental blank of this magnitude during an NBA contest. He just completely forgot who had the ball and cost the Celtics a possession in a close game.

One of the more bizarre turnovers you'll ever see.