ESPN Now Censoring Celtics Fans Who Are Just Trying to Give the Camera the Finger


The Boston Celtics blew out the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. While the Heat were no-shows, Celtics fans were not. They were excited to see their team play well and they were feeling themselves. Like these two guys who gave ESPN cameras the middle finger. The only problem is that ESPN doesn't want you to see their fingers.

See, when something silly like a guy giving the camera the finger happens during a broadcast, it makes for excellent content. What can I say? Sports fans are a simple people.

What ESPN's doing here is robbing the Internet of the opportunity to point and laugh and say, "Hey! Look! He gave the camera the middle finger!" And then we all look at the middle finger and chuckle because you're not supposed to do that. Again, we're very simple.

So ESPN, please stop this. Let us see the fingers. Most people have ten of them. If Eli Manning or some random Celtics fans wants to show off one or two of them off, it's their constitutional right. Besides, most of the time life finds a way.

Heh! Look! He gave the camera the middle finger!