CeeDee Lamb Just Made a Mind-Boggling Touchdown Reception

Ryan Phillips
CeeDee Lamb snags a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings.
CeeDee Lamb snags a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings. /

CeeDee Lamb is continues to prove the Dallas Cowboys got a steal when they selected him with the 17th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Lamb has been excellent throughout his rookie season but he made his best reception of the campaign on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

With 4:55 left in the second quarter and the Cowboys trailing 7-6, Andy Dalton dropped back and misfired on a fade to Lamb in the end zone. No matter, the rookie somehow contorted his body and hauled in the errant pass.

Check this out:

And a closer look:

That is incredible body control and the catch leaves me in awe. This kid is so good.

That was Lamb's fourth touchdown catch of the season and he entered Sunday's game with 44 receptions for 595 yards on the season. When you consider he's caught passes from four different quarterbacks, that's a pretty great rookie campaign so far. He has incredible hands and is a deep threat who can stretch the field.

If Dak Prescott comes back health next year, Lamb should see his numbers take a big jump.