CDC Advises Against Swimming With Diarrhea, Provides Helpful GIF

Stephen Douglas

The CDC has been a bigger part of our lives over the last year and a half than ever before. Now that they're here, they do not appear to have plans to leave anytime soon. Today they tweeted a new recommendation that you don't go swimming if you have diarrhea because it can contaminate the entire pool. Now, if they had left it at that, no one would have noticed, but they made a GIF.

Absolutely incredible.

Weirdly, diarrhea may be having a moment. NBC's Ultimate Slip N' Slide TV show has been shut down since a giardia outbreak a month ago that caused explosive diarrhea. They are currently trying to figure out how to save the $18 million production. Then this week the Prime Minster of Malaysia was hospitalized and the official statement said he had diarrhea.

Of course, who could forget Russell Wilson telling the story about the time he had diarrhea during one of his best games. Kelly Clarkson recently shared a story about having her own issues during a show.

Look, just stay out of the pool if you aren't feeling well.