CBS Sports Reporter Tracy Wolfson Talks Final Four, "Stealing Plays," and Work/Life Balance

Ryan Glasspiegel

Tracy Wolfson, who is the lead sideline reporter for CBS Sports’ college basketball and NFL coverage, joins the podcast this week. We discussed:

  • What will the Final Four dynamic be like with three fan bases who are more or less new to the Dance?
  • The Louisville player who thought she was “stealing plays,” and the technical difficulties during Michigan-Oklahoma State where she had to do 30 seconds of play-by-play and give her microphone to the announce team.
  • How much of her pregame preparation makes it to air, and the art of storytelling in 30-second soundbites. Also, the distinction between what she hears and what she is able to say on television.
  • Navigating the line between rubbernecking on injuries — including, for example, gruesome ones like Kevin Ware’s — and reporting the news.
  • Which coaches give the best content in halftime interviews?
  • How she juggles the preparation and travel rigors of sideline reporting, with three sons.
  • The time where she was interviewing Bobby Valentine, and impressed him with a well-researched follow-up. After she left the spot and the cameras were still rolling, she later discovered that Bobby V. asked, “Who’s that broad?” She laughs that this will be the title of her autobiography.

Hope you enjoy!