CBS Sports Imagines A Day in the Life of the NBA Bubble Snitch Line Operator

Kyle Koster

The NBA has a dedicated snitch line for its bubble and there have been calls made to it. This is an incredible turn of events and everyone has questions. CBS Sports' Chris Hassel drilled down on an important and largely unanswerable one. What must life be like for the persons tasked with fielding these calls?

Simply an incredible gig. With each ring brings new adventure.

And look, you are right to be skeptical. Big Sports Account Does Comedy can go terribly wrong in so many ways. But this is actually good. Several real chuckles and guffaws escaped my face.

Somewhere, someone is watching the relative viral success of this montage and readying to bring back the Sh-t X Say genre with quarantined players. Expect multiple efforts to remora the clicks by dinnertime. The internet is not allowed to have nice things.