CBS Radio Producer Cried On-Air About Derek Jeter's Impending Retirement

By Mike Cardillo

Derek Jeter is retiring. Yes, it’s true. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Earlier this week CBS Sports Radio overnight host Damon Amendolara brought his producer, Shaun Morash, on the air to talk about Jeter. Bear in mind this was before Thursday night’s dramatic bottom of the ninth inning.

Morash choked up thinking back to all the special memories of watching Jeter as a kid. “Here you are at 27, I’m a grown adult, I’m moved out, I’m married, and now he’s ending. It’s like, that was it. That was the last chunk of your childhood and it’s gone and it’s time to grow up.”

He probably isn’t the only one who experienced these type of emotions in the Tri-State area. As easy as it is to laugh at him for choking up that Jeter’s career is over, Morash admits, “I have two pieces of my head going, one wants to laugh at my idiot self, the other just can’t help it.”

Hey, it’s okay, Shaun — Jeter himself got a little choked up Thursday night, too. Plus it’s gets a little blog traction for the show, too.