CBS Off to Best NFL Ratings Start In Seven Years

Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

CBS has posted its best viewership numbers through the midway point of an NFL season since 2015, the network said via a press release on Tuesday morning. Touchdown Tom Brady's desperately-needed comeback against the Los Angeles Rams this past weekend averaged 20.25 million viewers to help bump the average to 17.763 million viewers through Week 9. The high-water mark came back in Week 2 with the Dallas Cowboys-Cincinnati Bengals matchup drove 27.39 million viewers.

As we've said hundreds, if not thousands of times before, the NFL is Crown Emoji. Baseball rented the crown for one day and one day only but that's all done. If one were a betting person they could confidently bank on millions and millions of people continuing to watch football during the second half of the year and through the playoffs. If previous years are any indication, viewership will peak during the Super Bowl.

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