CBS Analyst Aaron Taylor Discusses Brian Kelly Hot Seat, Winning and Losing Super Bowl, 8-Team Playo

Ryan Glasspiegel

Aaron Taylor, in his 10th season as a college football analyst for CBS Sports Network after playing offensive line for Notre Dame and the Packers in the 1990’s, joins the podcast this week.

Aaron will be on the call for SEC doubleheaders this season on CBS, and will be on the broadcast the first game of the 2017 season as Oregon State takes on Colorado state Saturday at 2:30PM, ET on CBS Sports Network. We discussed:

  • The best atmospheres to watch football.
  • The best highlights from his 10 years as a broadcaster on CBS
  • Whether anyone in the SEC can knock off Alabama
  • Brian Kelly’s job status
  • Shouldn’t the Notre Dame-Wisconsin series be on campus?
  • Is it better to win a Super Bowl or worse to lose one?
  • The loss that was worse for him personally than the Packers’ Super Bowl loss to the Broncos
  • Brett Favre’s practical jokes
  • How thankful he is to have played in an era before TMZ and camera phones.

Hope you enjoy!