CBS' AFC Championship Game Intro Confirms the Struggle is Real

Kyle Koster

The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills will square off in the AFC Championship Game with the winner getting a Super Bowl berth and the loser more opportunity to hit golf courses without a pesky meeting or media availability getting in the way. As we speak, two of the most fun-loving fanbases are tailgating together in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot. They may never see this hype video from CBS, and if they do, they'll probably forget it underneath an avalanche of light beer and intense rooting.

So I've helpfully flagged it here for the historical record because it's pretty cool, what with the Jay-Z and the historical clips and the training montages. If you didn't know any better, you might think it was going to culminate in a plea to buy an American-made car.

As an added bonus, the piece caused a 37-year-old to Google VonLichten. Already a championship day with kickoff still hours away.