Cavs Fans Can Thank Kendrick Perkins for Stephen Curry Going Off in the Fourth Quarter

By Vik Chokshi

There is a famous quote that says ‘you should never awake a sleeping giant’.  Unfortunately for the Cleveland CavaliersKendrick Perkins did just that at the end of the third quarter tonight.

Let’s rewind to the third quarter, where the Cavaliers outscored the Golden State Warriors 34-31. The Cavs played a perfect quarter against a Warriors team that usually dominates third quarters, and had all the momentum going into the fourth. And, that is when Perkins happened:

Steph Curry was understandably upset that Perkins didn’t move his legs out of the way, and let him know about it.

After the little exchange, Curry put on a show in the fourth quarter, scoring 16 points, including 5 three’s and 1 FT. Chef Curry ended up splashing a Finals record nine three-pointers, while finishing with 33 points, eight assists, and seven rebounds.

Prior to the dust up, this was Curry’s 3rd quarter line: 0-5 FG shooting, 1 point (tech FT made). You be the judge…

Perkins should’ve saved his tough guy act for someone else tonight. By going at Steph, he literally woke up a sleeping giant and caused his team to get blown out.