Cavaliers See New Rock Bottom as They Surrender Ben Simmons' Second Career 3-Pointer

Stephen Douglas
Cleveland Cavaliers v Philadelphia 76ers
Cleveland Cavaliers v Philadelphia 76ers / Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

The 3 was part of a 26 point first half. He would finish with 34 on 10-of-12 shooting.

The Philadelphia 76ers absolutely destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night, 141-97. A 77-36 halftime deficit capped an embarrassing 48-or-so-hours for the Cavs who proved themselves better Chatty Pattys than professional basketball players. Rock bottom came when Ben Simmons hit a three-pointer.

Ben Simmons is somehow both an All-Star and a human victory cigar. If he hits a 3, he gets the same reaction as a high school equipment manager who got to suit up for senior night. It is actually embarrassing that an All-Star is treated this way. The most insane part is that Simmons appears to be a capable 3-point shooter.

Remember how Chuck Knoblauch had trouble throwing to first? Imagine if he stopped throwing to first in high school and spent his career fielding the ball and running the ball to first and he still made it to the majors and still made multiple All-Star teams while rarely throwing to first. Then once every few weeks he would throw the ball to first and on even more rare occasions, the ball would somehow land in the first baseman's mitt and the crowd would lose their minds. It's insane.

For Ben Simmons and the Sixers' sake, hopefully someday Simmons hits a 3 and it's not worthy of a blog post. For the sake of the rest of the league, let's hope it never comes to that because they would be screwed.