Cassidy Hubbarth Shouldn't Feel Bad About Calling Nuggets Coach Michael Malone, 'Mike'

Cassidy Hubbarth and Michael Malone.
Cassidy Hubbarth and Michael Malone. /

ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth interviewed Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone during the team's first roudn playoff game on Saturday night. Hubbarth called him "Mike" isntead of "Michael" and Malone immediately corrected her.

There are probably two schools of thought here. Hubbarth should have known that he goes by Michael, but it was also an honest mistake. I as going to say she's probably gotten plenty of "Cass" in her life, but according to Hubbarth, it's "Cassie."

On the other hand Michael Malone should have let this go by now. Calling out a reporter for a harmless mistake like this seems unneccessary. She has 30 seconds to ask you how you plan to avoid blowing your homecourt advantage one game into the playoffs so she was in a bit of a hurry.

As a Stephen who introduced himself as "Stephen" to every single person he has ever met, there's really nothing you can do about people calling you the most common version of your name. MIchael was either the first or second most popular boy's name every year between 1954 until 2008. Since then it has dropped slowly into the teens. Steve and Mike are the burdens that (almost) all Stephen's and Michael's must bear.