Guy Trying to Do a Backflip at Casino Bar Fails in Most Awesome and Painful Way Possible


Have you ever had a few drinks and thought, "I should do a backflip?" Well, let me stop you right there. Do not try to do a backflip. Even if you can do a backflip, there are very few reasons to ever actually do a backflip. The list of downsides to attempting backflips is long. On the off chance you pull it off, it's not the kind of thing that will really stick with someone. At best, it's a footnote.

Having said that, someone tried to do a backflip off a chair in a casino recently and it went even worse than you can imagine. There was never even an actual attempt. Just watch.

Dude barely climbed up on the chair and things immediately went poorly. The chair tipped and he tried to get his balance, but it was already over. The chair fell one way, he fell the other and landed in the worst possible way on the legs of the chair. There also appears to be solid contact of the head on the floor. The sunglasses did not do anything there and that guy should have headed straight to the concussion protocol.

And on top of that, let's hope the chair was alright. The backflip attempt was over, but someone's night playing video poker while sipping a mixed drink was just getting started.