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Carson Wentz Threw A Hilariously Sad Pass Into the Ground For Intentional Grounding

Stephen Douglas
Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz / Silas Walker/Getty Images

Carson Wetnz's incredibly weird season continued today as he threw one of the saddest passes in NFL history. After standing tall in the pocket on his two bad ankles, Wentz threw the ball into the turf right before he was taken down for a sack. He was called for intentional grounding.

You may recall that last week Wentz threw his first pick of the season on a left-handed shovel pass. It feels like he's already had a season's worth of injury issues and it's only week three. Good for him toughing it out, but it's probably a bad sign if your starting quarterback has used a wheelchair multiple times by the end of September.

The Colts trail the Titans in the first half.