Carson Wentz Asked a Cameraman for Help During a Video Review, Praised Tony Romo

Kyle Koster
New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles / Elsa/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles' first -- and only -- touchdown Sunday against the New England Patriots was initially ruled an interception. The automatic review sparked some healthy debate over the proper ruling because it was a very unique play. Dallas Goedert took two steps before Jonathan Jones ripped it away.

These two teams love creating controversial, high-stakes replays.

As the nation tried to figure out the proper adjudication of the rules, Carson Wentz conducted his own investigation, asking a CBS cameraman what the ruling was going to be. The cameraman, perhaps knowing Tony Romo is vying for a big extension, told Wentz that the clairvoyant one was forecasting a reversal.

It was a great moment in breaking-down-the-fourth-wall history. The only thing that could have been more interactive would have been allowing the public to vote with their phones to determine the call. Perhaps that's something a few years down the pike.

Informed of the event, Romo joked that someone should tell his wife the news that he's always right, which isn't funny but was likely involuntary. When you reach your mid-30s or later, the MY WIFE comments come seeping out whether you want them to or not. No one tells you this!