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Carson Wentz Accuses Patriots of Messing With a Man's Ability to Reproduce

Kyle Koster
Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Typically mild-mannered Colts quarterback Carson Wentz was extremely fired up during Indianapolis' crucial victory over the New England Patriots on Saturday night, making a point to confront Matthew Judon for actions he deemed beyond the pale.

Though it was unclear in the moment what all this was about, Wentz offered a very relatable explanation postgame — essentially there was some uncouth below-the-belt stuff happening out there between the hashmarks.

“Don’t need to go into specifics, obviously, but when a man’s ability to reproduce is being in question and there’s some other extracurriculars, guys’ hands need to be at their sides,” Wentz said. “Let’s just say that. When that happens, you can get pretty riled up.”

You do. You do get riled up when a man's ability to reproduce is being in question and there are some extracurriculars. Anyone who spent any time with dudes knows that.

There has yet to be a definitive angle highlighting the supposed dirty play(s) in question, so we're still in the speculation phase. This leaping punch from Judon early in the second quarter seems a good enough candidate for inspection as any.

One non-groin-related takeaway from last night: if the Colts-Patriots rivalry ever went away, then it's back in full force. These teams hate each other. So much so, allegedly, they'll take the drastic step of trying to snuff out the next generation.