Carolina Panthers War Room Looked Like the 'Too Many Cooks' Video


The Carolina Panthers made sure they were the only team in last night's NFL Draft to guarantee they could get the player they most coveted, trading with the Chicago Bears for the honor of selecting Bryce Young at No. 1. It's a decision the organization made a long, long time ago and everyone pretty much knew was coming. It was also the only pick they made last night. But that didn't stop them from assembling an enormous task force to cram into their war room and make it seem like all the top minds were in one spot at one time.

Here's the scene after they picked Young and did the thing where everyone hugs each other like they've just wrapped a week on Saturday Night Live that they'll never forget.

What could they all be doing! They can't have all been involved in producing this slick mini-movie about a boring phone call conducted this way only so the team could create content.

Mankind went to the moon and back with fewer people and they were all doing math on the back of napkins with pencils. We've gotten to the point where this Situation Room cosplay stages are more crowded than actual Situation Rooms. And the crazy part is that they're only going to get larger and more lavish. It is, after all, a sponsorship opportunity.