Carolina Panthers Decide Nepotism is Answer for Cam Newton, Hire Norv Turner's Entire Family

By Jason Lisk

The NFL is an insular league where, if you are a made man as a former head coach, you just change franchises but get opportunities seemingly in perpetuity. It’s a league where who you know matters as much as what you know.

But the Carolina Panthers are taking that to an extreme absurdity. Carolina fired offensive coordinator David Shula (himself the son of a famous coach) and quarterback coach Ken Dorsey, and brought Norv Turner back. Turner, when last we saw him, was resigning suddenly as the offensive coordinator in Minnesota halfway through last season. But it’s not just Norv who is coming to Carolina to become the next to coach Cam Newton. Via the Charlotte Observer:

Turner’s son Scott will also be hired as the team’s quarterbacks coach.

Turner also has two family members on Rivera’s staff: His brother, Ron, is an offensive consultant, while his nephew, Cameron, is the assistant quarterbacks coach.

I hope Cam Newton enjoys meals at the Turner family house. That’s some very impressive and blatant nepotism, not only bringing along his son but his nephew to be the quarterback coach and assistant quarterback coach, while getting his brother a paycheck as an offensive consultant. It should be noted that Ron Rivera was the defensive coordinator for Norv Turner in San Diego before becoming the Carolina head coach. Backs are being scratched all over.