CarMax, Thank You For Standing Up to Stephen Curry on Behalf of Stephens Everywhere

Stephen Curry and Max.
Stephen Curry and Max. /

Stephen Curry is now endorsing CarMax. In a new ad, a cornrow'd Curry haggles with a salesperson about how to pronounce his name. I just want to say thank you to everyone involved. On behalf of Stephens everywhere, thank you for addressing the elephant in the room.

It's been tough recently, what with the new most famous Stephen going by "Stefen."

Highly-accomplished Stephens, such as myself, Stephen King, Stephen Colbert, Stephen A. Smith, Stephen Merchant, Stephen Tobolowsky and Stephen Gostkowski, know the correct way to pronounce our names and we don't care what Dell and Sonya Curry have to say about it.

Stephen is like a gif. There is one obvious and correct way to pronounce it. It's "giph." How do people keep messing this up?

That is the problem that we, a nation of Stephens, face every day. As Stephen Curry continues to get healthy and rebuild his resume, he's just going to have more endorsements. Each endorsement is an opportunity to spread the false gospel of Stefen. Especially when there is a Saint Stephen. That's right - our pronunciation has a literal martyr.

So Steph Curry can pronounce his name however he wants, but he's not going to convince any car dealers or any of the other Stephens that we're anything besides Stephen.