Cari Champion Signs New Multi-Year Deal With ESPN, Discusses Expanded SportsCenter + More

Ryan Glasspiegel

Cari Champion has signed a new multi-year deal to remain at ESPN, the network confirms to The Big Lead. Cari, who will be appearing at the seventh annual espnW Women + Sports summit this week, hosts a podcast entitled Be Honest and is the co-host of the Coast to Coast edition of SportsCenter, along with David Lloyd. At the beginning of football season, Coast to Coast expanded its time slot, and now begins at 11 a.m. ET instead of noon. We discussed:

  • What were the goals with the expanded real estate? What are the chemistry and preparation challenges when she is broadcasting from Los Angeles while Lloyd is in Connecticut?
  • Was there any anxiety about transitioning from host of First Take to becoming a SportsCenter anchor?
  • What does it mean when she says she models her anchoring style after Serena Williams?
  • One interview on SportsCenter where I thought she did a really good job was in early September after Paul Finebaum, speaking about the Colin Kaepernick national anthem protest, said that this country does not oppress black people. Going into the interview, in which Finebaum apologized, how did she strive to balance her personal feelings about what he said, with the fact that he is a colleague?