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Cardinals Tweet About Reuniting Dexter Fowler and Nolan Arenado Hours Before Trading Fowler

Stephen Douglas
Dexter Fowler and Nolan Arenado.
Dexter Fowler and Nolan Arenado. / Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals have traded Dexter Fowler to the Los Angeles Angels. This is apparently a salary dump as the Cardinals will either receive an unnamed player or cash and still pay most of Fowler's salary this season. No matter what the final details of the trade, the funniest part about it is that the Cardinals social media team tweeted this five hours before the deal was announced.

Yes, that Fowler and Nolan Arenado during their time with the Colorado Rockies, way back in like 2013. That was Fowler's last year with Colorado and Arenado's rookie year. Eight years later St. Louis traded for Arenado and briefly reunited them on paper for a few days. What a heartwarming story.