Referee Causes Cardinals Muffed Punt By Hitting Football With Flag

Flag on the field
Flag on the field / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Every now and again, NFL Sunday will bring something even the most experienced of football viewers have never seen. Such a happenstance came across our screens today during the Cardinals-Jaguars game.

The Jaguars were forced to punt in the second quarter. Rondale Moore was back deep for Arizona. He called for a fair catch and was about to receive the punt when suddenly the ball flew off him and towards the middle of the field, causing a scrum to recover it.

Moore seemed utterly shocked by this turn of events, which usually isn't the reaction of a guy who just dropped a punt. It turns out that Moore is not at fault. A referee threw a flag towards the sideline while Moore was waiting to receive the punt-- and the flag hit the ball.

The flag absolutely hit the ball, which is insane. The chances of that happening are astronomical. Yet here we are, with proof right before our eyes.

Football, man. It can always surprise you.