Cardinals Fans and 49ers Fans Brawled, Fell Down the Stairs, Threw More Punches

By Jason McIntyre

Here’s a pretty violent brawl from the 49ers/Cardinals game Sunday, one that includes several tumbles down the stairs, and lots and lots of punches connecting.

At the :45 mark, check out the Cardinals fans in the No. 90 jersey punching someone in the head. The person he was punching was being held.

At the 1:21 mark, look at the guy in the faded red t-shirt holding up his hands which are full of blood.

Also, the Cardinals rallied to beat the 49ers, 23-14. San Francisco led 14-6 and never scored again, the third straight game it did nothing in the second half. The Cardinals are 3-0. [Video via Cartmaniak]

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