Canadian Trucker Drops F-Bomb Live on Fox News, Vows to Get Pizza and Come Right Back


Police have begun arresting the Canadian truckers protesting COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa. One hundred people have been arrested and 21 vehicles have been towed, but they haven't gotten everyone. Like this guy who was interviewed live on FOX News on Friday night. This guy was leaving to hit up his favorite pizza place and then planned to come right f-ing back.

This is possibly the most defiant anyone has ever been while announcing they were running out for some pizza. Generally, if someone says they're going out for slices, the implication is that they'll return and there's really no need to make such a declaration. Especially punctuated by such crude language.

Of course, most people don't get interviewed live on cable news as they're heading out for pizza. Such unusual circumstances obviously require a flourish. Especially if you're headed to your favorite pizza joint.