Can Tom Brady Dunk a Basketball?

Stephen Douglas
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Jim Rogash/Getty Images

LeBron James compared himself to Tom Brady on Friday, saying that they would both play their respective games until they could no longer walk.

On Friday night Brady responded to LeBron's quote by saying he would play until he "can't dunk anymore!"

Can Tom Brady dunk a basketball? Because this sounds like Tom Brady claiming he can dunk a basketball. I don't think Tom Brady can dunk a basketball. Do you?

Brady made a similar claim just two years ago, via Sports Illustrated:

""Yeah, I haven't tried in a while but I think I can," Brady said. "Maybe I'll put that on my Instagram one day try and see if I can do that.""

Brady never put anything on Instagram. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. He never offered any proof that he could dunk a basketball. The Internet was never able to find any proof of Brady ever dunking a basketball.

Brady posted a 24.5" vertical at the NFL combine, back when he was a spry young man. You would think if he really could dunk he'd put it on social media. If 42-year old Tom Brady can jump higher than 22-year old Tom Brady, then that might be the ultimate proof that the TB12 Method actually works. Playing until he's 47 is one thing, dunking a basketball at 42 is another.