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Can NBA Players Smoke Weed?

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Over the years, the perception of marijuana has gradually changed and it is now legal to some degree in most of the United States. Medically, marijuana is great for pain relief, which is where it ties into sports. Professional athletes punish their bodies to extremes the common man cannot even comprehend. Thus, it is becoming more and more popular to turn to marijuana for recovery.

For a long time, no league permitted its players to consume marijuana. Can basketball players?

Can NBA Players Smoke Weed?

No! But also, yes. Confused? Let me explain.

NBA Weed Policy

Marijuana is prohibited according to the last collective bargaining agreement signed in 2011. However, the NBA Players Association negotiated that hard-and-fast clause down to something looser with the league over the last few years. Beginning in 2020, the league agreed to stop giving random marijuana tests during the season.

So, essentially, marijuana is still forbidden as per the CBA but there is no way to get caught using it. NBA players can, in fact, smoke weed, but would be wise to not broadcast the fact.