Ford Ranger With Wood-Paneled Camper Executes High-Speed U-Turn on Flooded Street During Local News

Ford Rangers are apparently ready for anything.
Ford Rangers are apparently ready for anything. /

There was some heavy rain in Edmond, Oklahoma. Streets flooded, but there were still people driving around. Like this guy in a Ford Ranger with what appeared to be a very tall camper made of wood? Yeah, that's what it looks like. A camper with wood paneling. And it appeared to be empty, with the back door open.

It's like Noah was late to see the Oneders set down at Villapianos and Oklahoma News 4 (KFOR) was there to catch him make a very ill-advised U-turn. Of course, he made it, so who knows how much danger the truck was ever really in? Maybe this is his usual evening commute.