Hilarious Campaign Ad Asks You to Vote For the Texas Rangers and Not the Houston Astros

Stephen Douglas
Vote for the Texas Rangers
Vote for the Texas Rangers /

No one likes the Houston Astros in the wake of the cheating scandal that tainted years of success that included a World Series that Major League Baseball should have made them vacate. Yet apparently they are still up for election in the state of Texas this year, running against the Texas Rangers, who have released an incredibly efficient campaign ad. See for yourself.

That is really good Internet. Especially considering the Rangers are 13-21, six games behind Houston and are so far down in the AL standings that the Boston Red Sox could catch them. Still, it's very important to support the boys in blue so if you visit the polls this November, make sure to vote for the Texas Rangers and not the Houston Astros. One team wants to leave the planet, the other loves giraffes. It's a simple choice.

Mostly, it's a funny video. Great job by everyone involved. Especially, manager Chris Woodward. Thank you for approving this important message.