Cameroon's Augustine Ejangue Spits on England's Toni Duggan in Women's World Cup

Brian Giuffra

Things got heated during England’s Round of 16 Women’s World Cup victory against Cameroon. There was pushing, elbows, nasty tackles and a spitting incident when a Cameroonian player, Augustine Ejangue, may or may not have purposefully spit on England forward Toni Duggan. There’s no question she spits on Duggan. The question is was their intent?

Ok, yeah, that looks like she knew what she was doing.

Cameroon displayed poor sportsmanship throughout the match, making some dirty tackles and pushing a ref following two VAR calls that didn’t go their way. England won 3-0 to advance to the quarterfinals, but it was the distasteful play of Cameroon that everyone spoke about after the match.

Clearly, some lessons need to be learned here, and the primary one is spitting on an opponent in a sporting match of any kind is very uncouth.