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Is Cam Newton Vaccinated?

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Cam Newton
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One of the defining factors of the 2021 NFL season will revolve around vaccination status. The league rules for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated players are drastically different and how quickly a player can return to his team after a positive test varies greatly depending on vaccination status.

Vaccinated players, of course, can return far quicker than unvaccinated players. Yet players around the league continue to express hesitancy about getting jabbed for one reason or the other. Teams cannot reveal who is and who is not vaccinated, while the players themselves have by and large deflected that question when asked by media.

Cam Newton Vaccine

Eventually, though, that answer will reveal itself whenever a player hits the COVID list. Such is what happened today with the New England Patriots. Cam Newton is out for five days after a mix-up with testing protocols.

Is Cam Newton Vaccinated?

Because of that, it seems that Newton is not vaccinated. If he was, he wouldn't have had to get tested while traveling or undergo daily testing.

Newton missed time last year with a positive COVID diagnosis. In 2020, he threw for 2,657 yards and eight touchdowns with 10 interceptions.