Cam Newton Trucked His Own Lineman

Stephen Douglas
Cam Newton and his teammates.
Cam Newton and his teammates. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Cam Newton does not resemble the quarterback who won the 2015 NFL MVP, but he's still dangerous running the football as his own teammate, guard Mike Onwenu, found out during Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. Cam juked Christian Wilkins in the backfield on a broken play and took the ball up the middle. That's where he met Onwenu.

Onwenu, who is listed at 6'3", 350 pounds, was obviously not prepared for this type of challenge as he tried to back peddle and get out of Newton's way but ended up on his back.

Newton had some words for the Dolphins after their first meeting. We'll see how this game goes, but so far with 33 passing yards on 11 attempts and four runs for 16 yards, he doesn't have much verbal ammunition in the first half. Knocking over his own lineman and yelling Scooby Doo are really the only highlights he has so far.

So he's got that going for him, which is nice.