Cam Newton Scores Touchdown on First Play of Carolina Panthers Return

Stephen Douglas
Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals
Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Cam Newton wasted no time announcing his return to the Carolina Panthers, scoring a touchdown on his first touch against the Arizona Cardinals. (And then throwing another a few minutes later.) Newton ran the ball into the end zone on second and goal to score the first touchdown of the game. He then took off his helmet, screamed, "I'm back" and got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

This was Newton's first game for the Panthers since September 12, 2019. It was his first rushing touchdown as a Panther since October 28, 2018. It was his first rushing touchdown since December 28th of last season.

Newton spent last season with the Patriots and went all through this preseason seemingly competing for the New England starting job. When Mac Jones was named starter, Newton was cut and waited for an opportunity to arise. When Sam Darnold's season ended last week, that opportunity came in Carolina where Newton won an MVP and went to a Super Bowl. Now he's back.

UPDATE: And then Cam threw a touchdown pass on his first attempt with the Panthers.