Julian Edelman Imagines Himself as Batman With Cam Newton as Superman

Ryan Phillips
Julian Edelman, New England Patriots Training Camp
Julian Edelman, New England Patriots Training Camp / Pool/Getty Images

Julian Edelman is trying to make the best of things in New England with his beloved Tom Brady gone to Tampa Bay. The 34-year-old receiver has made it clear he's a big fan of new Patriots quarterback Cam Newton and on Tuesday he went a little over-the-top with a tweet.

Newton has styled himself as Superman for years with his touchdown celebration, so Edelman leaned into it, imagining himself as Batman:

OK, first off, in their most famous intertwined storyline Batman and Superman actually fight and nearly kill each other. Second, that's a quote from Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight. Soon after saying that (SPOILER ALERT!), Dent loses his mind and going on a killing spree before being thrown off a roof. So, you know, that "dawn" never actually came for him. Edelman is quoting a crazy person who never actually achieves what he wants to.

I guess what I'm saying is it's a really rough comparison for Edelman to make. What is he saying is going to happen with the Patriots? Or is he just saying he and Cam are both superheroes who are going to overcome obstacles and it'll be smooth sailing? If that's what he's going for he probably shouldn't have made himself Batman. That guy's got some serious issues.