No One Exits a Press Conference Quite Like Cam Newton

Stephen Douglas
Cam Newton
Cam Newton /

Cam Newton spoke with the press on Monday. Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston asked him if Bill Belichick told him he would be the starter in Week 1. Newton explained that he knew just as much as the press does and that there is really no reason for them to ask him that question because they already know the answer. Newton then exited stage right with a flourish.

There is really only one popular culture reference for this. Cam Newton Randle'd out of there.

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Someone needs to show this to Mac Jones and ask him what decade he thinks this black and white movie was released in. Even if "Clerks" had been shot in color, it would still be four years older than Jones and he was only 8 when "Clerks 2" came out. This is how Belichick should pick the starter. Trivia knowledge of the View Askewniverse. Snoogins.