Cam Newton Has Blessed Mac Jones With Nickname-ification

Cam Newton at Patriots West Off Season Work Out
Cam Newton at Patriots West Off Season Work Out / Aubrey Lao/Getty Images

Incredible news out of New England today as Cam Newton has blessed rookie Mac Jones, not with a name rememberance, but with nickname-ification. Newton is calling Jones, "Mac and Cheese," and somehow that's not the worst nickname he's handed out since he's landed in New England. ESPN's Mike Reiss is keeping a running list.

Some of those are really bad, but I guess when you've got like 100 names to memorize around the team facilities and you want to be a leader you use some memory tricks, like calling the punter, "Punter Guy." Anyway...

So how is Mac and Cheese looking so far? Well, with Newton missing practice, Jarrett Stidham took the "top reps" while Mac and Cheese got the rest. The Patriots are taking things slow with Mac and Cheese as they want him to take in as much information as possible so he's ready for a quarterback competition in training camp.

Yeah, Stiddy and Mac and Cheese are going to give Cam all he can handle.