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Another Injury is Probably Bad News for Cam Newton

Kyle Koster
Cam Newton at Patriots West Off Season Work Out
Cam Newton at Patriots West Off Season Work Out / Aubrey Lao/Getty Images

Cam Newton fought through a number of issues during his first year with the New England Patriots to post a decently competitive but entirely trying 7-9 record. The organization used the 15th pick in the NFL Draft to select Mac Jones, whose major selling point was that he was more game-ready than some other prospects. Competition for the starting job was expected to be intense, though a bit less competitive if one party gets injured during the preseason.

Which, apparently, may have just happened to Newton during today's OTA drills.

With the essential caveat that this just happened and there's plenty of time until the season starts even if it's a more serious injury, one has to wonder if Newton at less than 100 percent has any chance of beating out Jones. Last season's struggles were painful to watch and an influx of cash via free agency seems to be directed squarely on the bottom line.

Something to keep an eye on, if nothing else. And perhaps time to retire that specific drill.