Cam Newton Informs World He Has Given Up "Climaxing" in March

Kyle Koster

Cam Newton, who loves to use the weirdest font possible, also loves to challenge himself. Notorious tough-question-asker James Corden got to the bottom of what, I guess, were cryptic flowers on his Instagram.

Obviously feeling loose and conversational in that hat, the Carolina Panthers quarterback talked about the things he’s given up. He quit betting in January, went vegan in February and, uh, quit “climaxing.”

Now, if you think that’s disturbing or gross, wait until you hear Corden say “shut the front door” with no air of irony. That’s the type of thing that is truly stomach-turning.

Football is a hard game, and testing one’s mental toughness is good for players to do every now and then. We’ll see if any intrepid reporter is willing to dive in for a fact-check on this one.

People need the truth.