Cam Jordan Roasts Falcons With Thanksgiving-Themed Trash Talk

By Henry McKenna

Cam Jordan’s Thanksgiving dinner started just after 8:20 p.m. on Thursday night. Jordan and the New Orleans Saints chowed down on the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints defensive end racked up four tackles, two sacks, three tackles for loss and three quarterback hits in New Orleans’ 31-17 win.

Even on Thanksgiving, some trash talk was warranted.

On the postgame broadcast, Jordan enjoyed his ceremonial turkey leg with a few of his teammates. He must have worked up an appetite, right?

“We’ve been eating all night, so we good. … I love this win like I love this turkey,” said Jordan, who took another bite from the leg.

Jordan followed up on Twitter: “Roasted falcon, something I never knew I always loved!

Gone are the days when teams can compete with the Saints in shootouts. Scoring points on the Saints has gotten a lot harder. Led at times by Jordan, the Saints defense have been outstanding in recent games, including their Thanksgiving blowout of the Falcons.

The defense had six sacks, 15 quarterback hits, seven pass deflections and an interception. Matt Ryan took a beating in the passing game, and Atlanta had nowhere else to turn for offensive production. The Falcons averaged just one yard per carry.