Governor Gavin Newsom Does Not Anticipate NFL Starting With Fans in California

Liam McKeone
Gavin Newsome
Gavin Newsome / Pool/Getty Images

Earlier today, Donald Trump told executives from the major American sports leagues he expects the NFL season to begin on time come September, and hopes fans will be able to get back into sports stadiums by late summer. California Governor Gavin Newsom is not quite as optimistic.

In his daily briefing, Newsom said he doesn't anticipate NFL football returning by the fall with crowds, or at least not in his state.

The NFL feels like too massive of an operation to not start on time, even if the games will be played with no fans (although it's hard to imagine a circumstance where it's not safe for fans to congregate but it is safe to gather all the people needed to put on an NFL game). Newsom's word choice here presents a potential future conflict, though; with the lack of clarity coming from the top of the country about the pandemic, will governors like Newsom trust the adminstration's word if they say it's safe when football season rolls around? If they don't, what measures will they take? How will it affect the league if some states are allowing people to pack stadiums but some aren't?

That is not the timeline anyone wants, because that means everything will still be in disarray come fall. But it remains a possibility, because who knows what the world will look like in five months?