BYU's Max Tooley Threw an Opponent's Shoe During Utah Game

Utah State v Brigham Young
Utah State v Brigham Young / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

The BYU Cougars hosted the Utah Utes on Thursday night in Provo. BYU had a 14-7 lead after a quarter. The second BYU touchdown came on a pick six by junior linebacker Max Tooley. And that wasn't even the worse thing that Tooley did to Utah quarterback Cooper Legas in the quarter. He also threw his shoe, which drew an unsportsmanlike penalty and probably violated the Honor Code.

Honestly, who throws a shoe?

Here's his touchdown from earlier in the quarter.

Truly the duality of man on display here. We are capable of greatness and shoe throwing. Only a small number of people ever have the opportunity to do both in one night though.