BYU Basketball Team Performs Elevator Rescue, Is Having the Time of Their Lives


BYU's basketball team had a nice little Thursday evening as they watched Michigan State and UCLA kick the snot out of each other for 45 minutes, ensuring that the Bruins will be a bit more tired than usual for Saturday night's matchup with the Cougars. Also on the agenda? Rescuing junior guard Jesse Wade from an elevator.

Classic team bonding. I will have to study my personal record book, but this is definitely among the most joyful extrication missions that comes to mind. Like, it's clear everyone was having a great time, including the person trapped against his will.

College kids can afford to be so lighthearted because they're too young to remember that Omen movie where the guy gets halved after similar misfortune. Ah to be young and in tact.

BYU also turned their required COVID testing into a hell of a time, complete with player introductions.

That sound you hear is everyone rushing back to their brackets to put the Cougars even deeper into the tournament. The team that plays together, stays together.