Butch Jones Explained Stupid Two-Point Conversion Decision Stupidly

By Ty Duffy

Tennessee declined to go for two up 26-14 over Florida in the fourth quarter. The Vols then blew their 27-14 lead, to lose 28-27. Butch Jones explained this as follows:

Presuming extra point competence in that situation, a 27-14 lead is no more valuable than a 26-14 lead. A 28-14 lead would have forced Florida to score three times to win or to risk everything on an all-or-nothing two-point conversion.

Even if you have faith in your defense not to allow Florida two touchdowns, you still go for two there. That’s football math 101. That shouldn’t need to be explained to someone earning a multi-million-dollar salary to coach football.

UPDATE: Here’s the full quotation from Coaching Search.

"“(We did it for) a number of reasons,” Jones said. “We were discussing that, prior to the drive, if we did score, whether we go for one or two. We have a chart that’s pretty standard in football that maps it out. We just felt, at that stage in the game, we have great confidence in our defense of getting off the football field, allowing them to push the ball down the field. We felt very comfortable with that decision.”"

If there was a chart, someone misread it.