Buster Olney is Obviously Biased Against Your Favorite Team Says Twitter

By Mike Cardillo

The fans are right, CLEARLY every single writer or media member is specifically biased against their favorite team in particular ESPN’s Buster Olney.

Bill Baer of the Phillies-centric Crashburn Alley posted this image today with 28/30 fans accusing Olney of being biased against their favorite team.

There’s no need to turn this into a post about media theory. It’s Friday afternoon, after all. It’s interesting how fans take so much umbrage against writers and think they so often have an ax to grind. The goal of all reporters/journalists should be objectivity. This isn’t always the case, but it should be the ideal.

In my previous life working at a newspaper the bias question came up fairly often. My usual response tended to be that I get paid the same amount every two weeks whether or not your favorite team or school wins or loses.

Sorry for looking at it rationally.

Back to your torches and pitchforks