Busted Coverage Founder Joe Kinsey Leaving Site

Kyle Koster

Busted Coverage founder Joe Kinsey announced that he is leaving the site effective immediately. A replacement atop the masthead was not named. Kinsey founded the site in December 2007 and carved out a niche as one of the O.G.-est of the O.G sports blogs of a certain time before the inevitable corporate takeover or natural extinction came for them all.

His farewell post has way more Boyz II Men than one might expect but that's not to say it's too much.

"This site took me to places I never thought I’d see or experience in my life," Kinsey wrote. "The site introduced me to people I otherwise would’ve never met in my life."

"Thank you to the fans," he continued. "It goes without saying the site would’ve been an immediate failure if the fans misunderstood the madness from the start. It wasn’t the biggest following on the Internet, but it was big enough to keep me around all these years. I’ve had guys dying of cancer tell me reading BC got them through horrible treatments. Humbling stuff to say the least. I never took you weirdos for granted. I sincerely appreciate all the support you guys have given me over the years."

The future of the internet remains a mystery but it'd be a safe bet there won't be many people who create their own site, grow it, then spend more than 12 years blogging away on it. It all just feels like a very specific bygone era.