Burger King UK Bungles Tweet About Women in Kitchen

Brian Giuffra
Burger King sign.
Burger King sign. / Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Today is International Women's Day, which, according to the official International Women's Day site, is a "global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women."

It goes without saying how important this day is, especially considering the degradation, unequal treatment and stereotyping women still endure throughout the world, and how sensitive companies need to be with their messaging on a day like today.

Apparently the Burger King UK Twitter coordinator didn't get this message because it sent the following tweet.

Not sure if they were trying to get people's attention, but they quickly followed up with the following tweet.

Regardless of the clarifying (backtracking?) second tweet, this is a horrible look for whoever authorized this to be posted. Whether they thought they were being clever or the first tweet was just a publicity stunt, sending that out today is misguided at best. Their goal is worthy, but why not just send the whole thing out in one tweet?

Burger King UK continued its clarification with a third tweet committing to launch a scholarship for female Burger King employees to pursue their culinary careers.

This is a worthy cause and it's good to see a corporation cast a light on it and commit dollars to fix the situation. But doing it through a publicity stunt isn't the way to go.