Chicago Bulls Players Visibly Over the Jim Boylen Experience

Stephen Douglas
Jim Boylen during a recent Chicago Bulls game.
Jim Boylen during a recent Chicago Bulls game. / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Chicago Bulls, 124-122, on Tuesday night. They are now 20-39 on the season, six games out of the eighth playoff spot. The season is lost. The team has already starting hunting for a new general manager, but Gar Forman is unlikely to be the only person in the organization to be replaced before next season.

Head coach Jim Boylen is a lame duck, whether it's been formally announced or not. To his credit, Boylen is doing as much coaching as he can while he still can. He's annoyed players and announcers with timeouts late in games that have already been decided. Last night, he upset Zach Lavine, who had to tell him that he had "f---ing 40 points."

During a recent fan event, Wendell Carter was asked what the Bulls could do to improve. Someone in the crowd shouted out "Fire Boylen!" Carter couldn't contain his laughter. Maybe it's time for the Bulls to fire Boylen because the players are clearly already done with him.