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Chuck Swirsky Had to Do It To 'Em

Kyle Koster

This blog will be for a marginal segment of the national audience and surely garner precious few pageviews but, much like Chuck Swirksy had to do it to 'em, preserving this moment in time is essential work. The play-by-play radio voice of the Chicago Bulls put his dance moves on full display at the end of this preview of yesterday's game against the Dallas Mavericks, elevating pretty good content into great content.

I wouldn't be mad if someone took these two seconds and put them on a loop.

Assuming this was filmed somewhere in the United Center, it's the most enthralling performance from an unlikely source since this guy.

Most importantly, can we get a name for Swirsky's motion? The Chuck Buck? The Swerve-sky? Something actually good?

Going to outsource this to the small segment of Chicago media who care about this type of thing.