Buffalo Bills Unveil New Uniforms

By Jason Lisk

The 2011 version, while having small differences in striping and such, is more of a throwback to the 1970’s. The go-to site for all your uniform questions, uni-watch.com, has an early breakdown of various features of the new uniforms. The helmets go back to the white helmet with blue charging buffalo with red stripe and gray facemask that was first adopted in 1974, the year after O.J. Simpson rushed for 2,000 yards. Thankfully, they’ve gone away from the dark navy blue of recent times, and back to a Royal Blue (though it looks a little lighter than the old versions from the 1960’s and 1970’s, may just be the photos and lighting).

It’s unclear whether they will be wearing blue pants with white jerseys as an alternate road uniform. Mostly because it’s what I grew up remembering, I’m partial to the colored pants with white jerseys combos that prevailed before most teams went to all-white on the road.

In any event, the Bills will be hoping for a return to better days, by offering up those hideous recent uniforms as a sacrifice to the football gods.

[screengrab via Buffalo Bills facebook page]