Buffalo Bills Fan Jumps on Flaming Table, Sets Self on Fire

Kyle Koster

Rex Ryan is an eccentric guy but his antics seem downright normal when compared to Buffalo Bills fans. They’ve mastered both tailgating and physical comedy in a way no other fanbase has ever dreamed of doing.

Speaking candidly, it was only a matter of time until one of the hard-partying fans of .500 football set themselves on fire.

A brave man fulfilled that destiny before yesterday’s victory over the New York Jets. A flying leap onto a flaming table yielded predictable results. The superfan continued to perform his routine despite being engulfed in flames. That’s how you know was having a good time.

Eventually onlookers were able to pin him up against a novelty bus and pat the flames away. The guy who was on fire never seemed particularly concerned — as if this wasn’t a new experience for him.

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